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>> updating a breaking news story we are following in florida this morning, about on students at the university of central florida are evacuated still from a dorm where police have found explosive devices in and at least one assault weapon. a hand was found dead from a self inflict the gunshot wound with the devices found next to the body, but unsure if he was a student. classes have been canceled through 9:00 a.m. our time and details are coming out and we will bring you more updates on the breaking story. >> north bay community is grieving over a 14-year-old boy killed in a freak accident at a ratesway over the weekend. constitutes at the middle school in santa rosa gathered last night to remember marcus johnson^. on saturday three was one of two in pit area at the raceway park killed by an out-of-control sprint car that was actually driven by his own cousin, 17-year-old chase johnson, a
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senior at petaluma high school. mourners noted the double tragedy for the johnson family. >> in first grade he would bring his race cars to school for events and it was fun to see. >> i cannot think of a worse tragedy. he and his cousin were as close as you could be. they raced the same raceway. >> the cause of the tragic crash is under investigation. some family members say the steering wheel came off. >> happening now, bart is taking a second look at the bicycle policy this week allowing bicycles on the trains at all times going this morning. the pilot program comes with a few restrictions. the first car of each train is off limits to bicycles. dug rush hour, no bicycles are allowed in the first three cars of the train. this test program runs this week only and ends on friday. abc7 news reporter will have more next half hour in a live report.
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>> tonight the palo alto city council considers allocate an extra $2.2 million to repair city streets and sidewalks, a growing priority according to a survey of residents. the extra money is available partly due to savings great recent layoffs and renegotiated contracts. tonight, the public meeting starts at 7:00 in the city council chambers on hamilton avenue. >> parents who enrolled at livermore daycare center that is shut down will have to scramble to find another facility to send their kids. the sunny side infant and preschool was suddenly closed last friday pending an investigation by the state department of social services. live more police say the day car site was hut down for licensing violations and the department has not received any reports of criminal violations. >> also in the east bay, police are asking for help finding a man who tried to abduct a 12-year-old girl who says a man marching this sketch grabbed her bit wrist after offering her a ride while she was walking him
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from school along apian way on friday morning and described as 19 or 20 and 6' tall and he has an eyebrow persing and was seen driving a silver four door car. >> this is a proposed condo development on the san francisco water street and the chronicle reports that it is part of a campaign against the 8 washington condo development that is built next to the embarcardero center. the campaign includes mail orders and robocalls and now going out to city voters. ing a -- art agnos opposes this because he lives an on waterfront. >> new details in the symphony strike, with the east cory tour which would have included a date at carnegie hall is canceled. >> according to symphony management, musicians rejected a
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federal mediator's proposal to resume playing during the cooling off period while the negotiations continue. in a statement issued last night, the musicians say the strike will continue until they get a contract that honors their contribution to the symphony. the musicians are unhappy with the proposal by management that would include a pay freeze in the first year. >> two bay area teens made it into the basketball tournament known as march madness. it begins this week and h.p. pavilion in san jose is a host arena, cacal and st. mary's received invitations facing middle tennessee in a game dome -- game in dayton, ohio. the bears are the 12000 seed and face 5th seated unlv at h.p. pavilion but i hear the bears
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facing tough competition. >> i am happy although my school is not part of this. there is always next year. >> the controversial hand gesture, we will show you it is getting a professional athlete a lifetime ban from playing soccer for his country. >> california law enforcement wants to crackdown on distracting driving but some say it will not work. >> we have a live look outside, remark is moving on our walnut creek traffic camera, traffic and weather together are next as the abc7 morn
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>> we are back at 6:10. temperatures are cooler just about everywhere but oak is the same. fairfield is a degree warmer. novato is 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. same at half moon bay. san jose is about four degrees cooler. 44 in san jose and hair and concord. 47 in san francisco. upper 30's throughout the north bay valley. temperatures today under increasing high clouds in the upper 50's to low 50's into san francisco and mid-to-upper 60's around the bay and upper 60's to near 70 inland. sue? >> we are going out of the south bay with reports of an accident getting an upstate from the c.h.p. westbound 237 or off of west 237 in the lawrence expressway surface street so getting an update from c.h.p. and not affecting 237 but you
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will find slow traffic in that area across from 237. still, very slow through the dublin/pleasanton area, early accident west 580, that is gone but the damage done. bumper to bumper through from the industrial valley. here is a look at walnut creek which is moving nicely which is good news for monday morning. a few brake lights around the 24 junction. >> 6:11. get ready for a big crackdown on distracted driving here in california. next month, california law enforcement will me begin a massive ticket writing campaign aimed at people who text or talk on your cell phone while driving. we know you are out there. a cell phone or texting ticket costs $159 but many believe that is not expensive enough to stop people from doing it. >> ahead, kate middleton reveal as disagreement, a split, he is having with prince william. >> they very divided on this
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issue. >> it involves the baby they are expecting. >> a soccer player gives a nazi salute to soccer fans in greece and he says it is all a
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is a look from the roof camera to the bay bridge and the ferry building with planes flying around the bay this morning and we will talk temperatures compared to average, 62 in san francisco, spot on, and redwood city at 67 and san jose is 68, a degree warmer-than-average and oakland is two, and napa is four and livermore is the biggest jump from average to what we will have today at 65 to 70. you will be five degrees warmer
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than average with high clouds increasing and this is the storm system that brings us the rain for tomorrow. we start to roll in scattered light form tomorrow afternoon into the evening and the best chance of steady rain is during the commute on wednesday and scattered showers and the coolest weather is wednesday and upper 50's to near 60 and then it is gone, thursday, temperatures return to average and well look at the weekend forecast coming up to less than three minutes. kristen? >> thanks, mike, ohio attorney general says the conviction of two high school football players in the rain of a 16-year-old girl will not end the investigation. two teenagers are headed to juvenile jail for at least a year after a judge found them guilty yesterday of raping a girl after an alcohol-fueled party last summer and even posting some pictures on social media. the case has divided the town of since. now, the state attorney general says a grant jury will look into weather other teens, coaches or parents broke the law by not speaking up. >> from greece, a 20-year old
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greek soccer player is banned for life from representing his country in international tournaments after making this nazi salute to fans. it happened on saturday during a game in athens. we the soccer federation says the salute by the player is an insult to all victims of nazi germany. the soccer player says he had no idea what the salute meant and no feels terrible and he added that he is not a fascist or nazi sympathizer. >> happening today, president obama is set to name a new secretary of labor. multiple media reports say that thomas perez from the justice department will be the president's nominee. he has strong support from latino and labor groups but he could run into problems from republicans at the confirmation hearing. some in the going believe his tenure at the justice department was influenced too much by political ideology. >> also from washington, dc, this morning, top republicans are reacting to the news that
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ohio republican senate portman now supports same-sex marriage. port map made the announcement you may recall on friday, saying he had a change of heart because his son is gay. >> on this week with george stephanopolis, speaker boehner said he is still opposed to same-sex marriage. >> i believe that maker is -- marriage is the union of one man and a woman. it is what i grew up with. what i believe. it is what my church teams me. i cannot imagine that position would ever change. >> speaker boehner added that while portman is a good friend and a long-time ally. >> trading is underway in wall street in less than 15 minutes and the dow jones industrial average will start the week following their best winning streak in nearly 17 years. that could change. the dow closed down on friday 25 points to 1,405.
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despite the loss the dow ended .8 percent higher and encouraging employment news fueling the gain. markets in europe and say russia -- and asia are slumping. >> we were able to enjoy the sun. >> i got a tan the you got a tan. mike got a bail burn. >> baseball burn, gentleman, a baseball burn. i am always say, wear the sunscreen and i forgot. now, the temperatures, a beautiful picture from our roof camera looking to the south across the embarcardero, 44 in san jose and walnut creek and dress for cooler conditions around palo alto and 41 and mill valley 40, and oakland 46 and
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san francisco 48. this is the look from mount tamalpais to san francisco, santa rosa at 39 and cooler at napa at 38 and low do mid 40's at fairfield and los gatos. high clouds are on the way this afternoon. it will be mild today. the wet weather is coming tomorrow and wednesday. it will be dry and warmer for the weekend. today we are in the upper 60's to near 70 in the south bay. down to santa santa clara valled gilroy at 72. mid-to-upper 60's on the peninsula and near 60 long the coast today, and low-to-mid 60's down and 62 and 63. sausalito is 65 and the valleys are 68 at novato and petaluma and 70 in santa rosa and napa and 60 at north bay beach. 64 today in hayward, that is the cool spot and everyone else is 65 to 66. upper 60's to near 70 for the
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east bay valley and headed to fairfield, possibly 71 degrees. the temperatures with the extra clouds are warmer than this morning, low-to-upper 40's inland and you can see upper near 50 around the bay shore and san francisco and 46 at half moon bay. waking up with clouds tomorrow and mild conditions and you can see the storm system coming from west and because it is coming from west-east along the mountains and the coast will get the better chance of light rain starting at 2:00 or 3:00 and continue through the evening and the best chance of steady rain is with the cold front in the morning rush hour on wednesday, and scattered showers in the afternoon. a quarter of an inch is possible and possibly half an inch in higher elevations near the coast. temperatures struggle in the 50's to near 60 on wednesday and we will be around ten degrees warmer everywhere as we head through the weekend. >> we are going now to the san mateo bridge if the commute takes you from hayward to the
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peninsula, you can see those tail lights headed in the westbound direction and it is sluggish making the turn to the high-rise but you are still looking at 16-minute drive between hayward and foster city. the real grind this morning is identity of the central valley with an accident in dublin/pleasanton, and that is cleared. hopefully we will get some recovery but 32, and 22, and 20, and 15 miles per hour, a good long ride at 47 minutes now from 205 tracy to dublin/pleasanton. kristen and kira? >> how much is too much for a tip? ahead a new survey reveals what housekeepers are likely to expect the next time you stay at a hotel. >> the british royal baby be a boy or a girl? william and kate reveal what a can of del monte green beans? ♪
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>> good monday morning. this is the golden gate bridge with headlights coming into san francisco and it is moving fine. it is fairly fog free. >> fairly fog free. >> pretty clear. you will notice the clouds are building and our meteorologist, mike nation, has a big change in the profit and sue checks out the commute. >> travel survey reveals travelers are getting housekeepers -- 55 percent of
6:23 am
travelers never hip the bell plan but they do tip the housekeeper. 40 percent tip $2 to $4 a day to the housekeepers and 15 percent hip town $5 and 19 percent never tip. experts say if you want to follow proper etiquette you should tip as soon use check in and you would be surprised how much extra attention you get during the stay after that. >> it makes senator. >> absolutely. kate middleton is creating quite a buzz after revealing there she would like to have a boy or a girl, not that she has a choice but the duchess is five months regulate is hoping for a baby boy. her husband would like to have a girl, though. kate made that comment to a soldier during a st. patrick's day ceremony near london yesterday honoring the irish guards. the royal couple, like the rest of us, have to wait-and-see. she doesn't actually know the sexiest baby. a full report is coming up on
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"good morning america" at 7:00. we are hours away from the premiere of the brand new season of "dancing with the stars" here on abc7 news. the newest cast includes country queen wynona judd, and dorothy ham il ready to show off her dance moves and "good morning america" will look at the very last rehearsal today at 7:00 a.m. and catch the big remere tonight at 8:00 right here on abc7 news. >> still ahead at 6:30, the earthquake paing fight dividing a san francisco neighborhood and how you can make your voice her tonight. >> first, though, breaking news, explosives found at a florida college overnight and how this is tied to a death on campus. >> bart riders, the week will look different on the trains. find out about the experiment board is trying and what people think about it.
6:25 am
>> cooling trend is on the way, check out the high temperature for wednesday. we will have an update on how much rain we will receive. >> look from the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are turned on with a jammed commute turned on with a jammed commute and very slow coming out of theg
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♪ and it's beautiful >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 6:9. hope you enjoyed a fabulous week. we are looking at a live picture from the embarcardero, san francisco, check out the ferry building and a bay bridge. looks to be a clear start. thanks for joining us. >> i am kira klapper here for eric thomas. hope you enjoyed the glorious weekend. mike nicco, our meteorologist,
6:28 am
has a look at the forecast. >> it will be nice. live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry. when you step outside, we are running in the mid-40's with a few high clouds around the bay. we will have the high clouds stick around at noon and hanging around 60 with an increase in clouds headed to the afternoon. still very pleasant and mid-60's and we are around 60 at 7:00 with mostly cloudy sky. starting off with fewer clouds and cooler conditions inland with upper 30's to mid-40's and around low 60's and you will see an increase in clouds headed to the afternoon. mostly cloudy and upper 60's at 4:00 and pleasant evening in the low 60's. we have low clouds at the coast and mid-to-upper 40's and around 56 with limited sunshine at noon and you can see just sunny pockets by 4:00 and still hanging around the upper 50's and at 55 at 7:00. you get the cooler of the air mass today. >> hello, everyone, happy monday
6:29 am
post st. patrick's day, hope you had a great time. a solid stream of headlights, 80 westbound to the macarthur maze, no major stalls or accidents here, it is moving along but slowly. we do have a jam up from the central valley, early accident at dublin/pleasanton is gone but slow traffic,s and you have 50-minute drive from tracy to dublin/pleasanton and very slow from antioch toward pittsburg and beyond railroad avenue it picks up in concord area and mass transit is a good way to go, everyone is on time. >> thank you, sue. 6:31. updating breaks news story from florida, 500 students are evacuated from the university of central florida campus. that is where the police found explosive devices and a man was found dead inside his dorm. police say he shot himself and an assault weapon has been involved. the over evacuation is
6:30 am
precautionary while authorities search for more explosives. we will bring you more details on the breaking story as it becomes available. >> developing news from the east bay where the police are investigating a bar stabbing at a sports bar and grill on central avenue at 2:00 a.m. as the bar was closing. investigators say two men got stabbed after a fight broke out between two large groups. both men were taken to the hospital and no word on the extent of their injuries. right now the police are reviewing surveillance video hoping it will lead them to suspects. >> a test program is underway this morning allowing bart commuters to bring their bicycles on board the trains at the height of rush hour. our reporter is live at the fremont bart station with how this program works and reaction. >> you have bicycles now allowed on the bart trains but not everyone is welcoming them. bart wants to try this for a week. officials want to know if all of
6:31 am
their customers can co-exist. for this week, bicycles are allowed on board even during busy, crowded commute hours. some are not so happy about this. others say they are willing to give it a try. >> it is a good idea, actually. i hope it works out for the people that ride their bicycles. there is less pollution and it is for health purposes. >> they are always in the way and take up two or three chairs and they go in front of that slayer and it is over there and ...i'm a bicycle rider but it is too much. >> bart tried this in august on fridays which is a light day. there were some complaints even then. phones going for it this week allowing them every day at all hours and asking for good
6:32 am
etiquette keeping the first three cars on each train bicycle-free so there is an area where you can go if you do not want to be near the bicycles. bart wants to hear from you with an online survey where they are asking people to go on there and give their thoughts of how to week goes. they do want to try to make this work but they want to hear what you have to say. >> thank you, we would also love your input on that, on our facebook page at abc7 news. tell us what you think. the investigation continues to figure out what led to a deadly racing crash north of sacramento claiming the life of a north bay teen. abc7 news reporter, cornell bernard, joins us live from the emotional outpouring of grief. cornell? >> classmates say 14-year-old marcus johnson was a wonderful friend at middle school in santa rosa. many cannot believe the tragic
6:33 am
accident took his life over the weekend. marcus johnson was an 8th grader at the middle school and on sunday, friends, family, and teachers held a vigil to remember the young man the on saturday threes with one of two people in the pit area killed by an out of the control race car at the raceway park north of sacramento. the car was driven by marcus' own cousin, 17-year-old chase johnson, a senior at petaluma high school. the two were very close and shared a love of racing. >> we were in first grade and three would bring the race cars to our school for events. it was fun to see. >> i cannot thing of a worse tragedy. he and his cousin were as close as you can be. they raced the same raceways. >> racing was in marcus' blood, three was a fourth percent race
6:34 am
car driver. the family liked to race winged sprint cars like the one seen here and a race won by his cousin. the cause is under investigation but the family has toll others that the steering wheel may have come off on the car. the middle school is on spring break but grief counselors are there to greet the students when they return to class next week. we are live in marin county for abc7 news. >> firefighters let a wildfire burn uncontrolled saying it did not pose a threat. it happened on lower sherman island. it broke out yesterday sending a column of thick black smoke in the air. the fire department let the fire burn because it will be difficult to reach and there are no people or buildings threatened by the flames. the smoke drifted over antioch for several hours and bringing soot and ashes on the
6:35 am
neighborhoods. >> former santa clara supervisor will plead guilty today to charges check to the misusing taxpayer money. the prosecution says that the veteran politician used public money and campaign funds for parties, golf outing, and gambling. he has agreed to sign documents admitting to ten counts of violating the political reform act. he faces up to a year in county jail and $50,000 this fines. >> a run for office? the bay area executive who wants to make a big career change. >> coming up, parking in a san francisco neighborhood could soon get a lot more difficult. we will tell you about a proposal under consideration and how you can voice your opinion tonight. >> here is a look outside the san mateo bridge, with traffic moving fine in both directions and it is looking pretty clear.
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>> well start with live doppler 7 hd showing you how dry it s we have concerns over the ocean water where winds will kick up at 15 to 25 knots this morning through 3:00. small craft advise is in effect. our highs are near to above average from 62 in san francisco to mid-60's to the bay shore and upper 60's to low 70's inland with temperatures near 60 at the coast. looking ahead, starting tomorrow afternoon, light rain develops and that will link are through wednesday in the form of scattered showers. by the time of thursday temperatures back to average and we are on our way to the warm week. i will have the forecast in a minute. sue? >> we are going to san jose, a nice drive at 87 moving north, sky is lightening up, and h.p. pavilion on the left side of the freeway and it is looking good here. we have first reports of an accident at sfo on 101 beyond
6:39 am
sfo so you may find slow traffic to san bruno and the drive times this morning, a nasty drive from the central valley with an early accident dublin/pleasanton gone but the culprit there is west 4 also slow into concord and the east shore commute in from highway 4 at hercules toward the maze. kristen and kira klapper? >> competing meetings in changes in street parking along polk street, the transportation agency wants to eliminate some spots to union street, and they say to make polk safer and more inviting, but many oppose the redesign. those against it gather at 6:30 at "it's agrin coffee" on polk and the other meeting, the supporters of the plan will meet at united presbyterian church on sacramento church at 1751. >> top tech c.e.o. if the bay
6:40 am
area wants to jump into politics. ahead, the political office the bay area executive has his cry on. -- his eye on. >> the wall street shows the dow is down 70 points, a rough day to be expected with difficulty in cyprus and possible bailout there. european and asian markets are down and we w
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6:42 am
walnut creek, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 6:45 and now a look at what is coming up on america at 7:00. >> good morning, paula. >> good morning, i hear eric has the morning off so it is call
6:43 am
the ladies show, correct? >> the way we like it. >> girl power. >> coming up on "good morning america" we have breaking news in the case that has torn apart an american town, two star football players convicts of sexually assaulting a female student. both boys breaking down after the verdict. we will have the latest from ohio. >> more bad headlines for carnival cruise line, another serious malfunction on a ship so that makes four, count it, four carnival cruise ships in trouble in a month and now senator schumer is proposing a cruise passenger bill of rights. we will tell you about that. >> hold your breath, two dare devils in the stunt all caught on tape. you will not want to miss this incredible for the footage.
6:44 am
>> and stars before the huge premiere on "dancing with the stars" we will take you inside the very last rehearsal before tonight's big show coming up on "good morning america" and we could even have inside information of would the frontrunners could be. >> i want did see, paula, ali's parents. remember them at olympics? >> they were so cute. >> good impression? >> that was good. >> every parent has been there, right? >> thanks, can't wait to see the show. >> don't have too much fun without eric. >> we don't want to make him feel bad. we do miss him, though. >> you just miss picking on him. >> always tomorrow. >> thank you, paula. >> new this morning the opening session of the national postal forum begins at muscose center
6:45 am
with protests planned by american postal workers and the mail handlers union. the postmaster is scheduled to speak at the gathering of executives of direct mail industry. their business depends on the postal service. the union is protesting plans by the postal service to cut saturday delivery service. congress is considering a move to try to keep mail delivery on saturday. >> bay area tech billionaire has his sight on the top job in the big apple. twitter core founder jack dorsey wants to be mayor of new york city. he says he loves the electricity there and in the latest rankings of the wealthiest americans he was number 392 which requires $1.2 billion in net worth. current mayor bloomberg is number ten with an estimated net worth of $25 billion. >> now to the man who is worth $1 billion in hour hearts, our
6:46 am
meteorologist, mike nicco. >> that is the only place. >> you delivered a million dollar forecast over the week. >> and a million dollar smile. >> stop it, you are getting silly. very kind. being with you makes it easier to get up at 1:30 in the morning. it is dry but on wednesday morning we have the best chance of organized wet weather. right now you can see a few high clouds which are clear as we look at the bay bridge and the ferry building. if you leave the house dress for 47 in san francisco, oakland, 44 in san jose and walnut creek and palo alto at 41. mill vary is at 40. check out san jose, it is nice as we look at h.p. pavilion and upper 30's in santa rosa and napa and low-to-mid 40's for fairfield, and livermore and hayward and los gatos. here is why it is -- what is
6:47 am
happening today, we will start clear but end up with clouds and clouds and milder waking up tomorrow morning and our first rain is tomorrow with another chance on wednesday. good chance of rain but not a lot of moisture. it is hard to squeeze this out. our temperatures in the south bay are the upper 60's and near 70. mid-to-upper 60's up the peninsula and near 60 along the coast today and low-to-mid 60's for downtown, south san francisco, and sausalito, and the north bay benches are in the upper 60's and the valleys will be in the upper 60's to around 70 and mid-60's along the east bay shore and warmer inland and up more 60's to low 70's. across the state today, it is quiet, and 55 in tahoe and mid-70's through the central valley and near accident if los angeles and 90 if you are headed to palm spring. tonight, we will have mainly clouds and let to upper 40's inland and upper 40's and near 50 around the bay and into san francisco. the cloud cover you can see tomorrow, as we head to 2:00 or
6:48 am
3:00, squattered light rain is developing in the north bay and the rest of us get scattered light rain for the evening commute, and during the overnight hours. we will get our organized area of steady rain through the morning commute with a cold front sweeping north to south and scattered showers behind it on wednesday. we could have .5" at higher elevations along the coast with temperatures struggles in the 50's on wednesday. >> the stall just cleared from the bay bridge toll please and fast track lane number five, the metering lights are on and traffic is slow bumper to bumper and inching along toward the macarthur maze. a couple of situations out there right now, on the peninsula, by sfo, north 101, at sfo, the exit right there, lane number three, with an accident across the bay in san leandro and southbound 880, first reports of an accident at 237 and that was in the h.o.v. lane.
6:49 am
kristen? >> at 6:51, the bay area is hotter somewhere else. after the big rally we have a slow tart with worries about cyprus, a small country, small economy, but it plans to tax people's bank accounts their deposits because of their budget problems. that is raising new concerns about the stability of the european banking system and probably some worse on wall street, especially as we are up here near record highs and we are trading lower across the board and the silicon valley index down on the day so far. the fattest moving real estate market in the country shows the number homes uncontract in 24 hours or less, and the past five months, phoenix has 540 of the so-called flash sales, the most
6:50 am
of many, and hoes is -- san jose is the 15th highest. the inventory shortage and higher buyer demand is fueling the instant sales and los angeles has more coming in at 7th and sacramento at eight. live from the new york stock exchange for your news. exchange for your news. >> the morning newsys of walking
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade.
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it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful >> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here five things to know before you go. number one, police in orlando, florida, are searching a university of central florida dorm tower for explosives after a man was found debt -- dead suicide. they found explosive devices and weapons inside that dorm. >> developing news from alameda, where police are investigating a bar stabbing. do men were hurt after a fight
6:53 am
broke out at the sports bar and grill on central avenue. right now police are reviewing surveillance video hoping it will lead them to the attackers. >> three, bart is testing a new bicycle policy allowing bicycles on train at all times going this morning. the week long pilot program comes with a few restrictions include the first car of each train off limits to bicycles, during rush hour, no bicycles are allowed in the first three cars of the train. >> a 14-year-old boy is being remembered by his middle school classmates in santa rosa after a tragic raceway accident took his life this week. he died at a raceway north of sacramento on saturday when a winged sprint car driven by his own cousin flew out of control and hit him. family say the car steering wheel came off while he was going 90 miles per hour. >> number five, president obama is set to name a new secretary of labor today according to a white house source, thomas perez
6:54 am
of the justice department will be the president's nominee. he has strong support from latino and labor groups but could run into problems at the confirmation hearing from republicans. >> clear morning but the day will change as it goes along, a final check with mike. >> beautiful sunrise unfolding as we look at mount diabolo. look how thick the clouds are. it will be mild today with low-to-upper 60's around the bay the low in san francisco at 62 and increasing clouds and the upper 60's to low 70 inland and coolest at the coast with temperatures in the upper 60's to near 60 and breezy at times. how is the traffic? >> to the bay bridge a re-cap, a stalled fast track unusual five in the clearing phase trying to get that out of there with metering lights on and traffic backing to the macarthur maze. we have a couple problems, first, in south san francisco, or by sfo, north 101 at sfo at
6:55 am
the airport exit and across the bay, san leandro, the fast lane is blocked with an accident southbound 880. >> the morning news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather, and traffic during. >> good to you have, i am surer risk thomas will be back
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
good morning, america. and happening now. 21 states under warnings and watches. a massive blizzard slamming the midwest, as a nor'easter develops. up to a foot of snow possible in new england. sam is tracking the latest. breaking down in court. two high school football players sentenced to jail in a sexual assault case that's torn apart a small town. sobbing in court. begging forgiveness. and this morning, emotional words from the mother of the victim. hold your breath. watch these two men. in a death-defying stunt. threading the needle between two skyscrapers. plunging through a gap just 26 feet wide. the flight timed to just barely avoid a jumbo jet. she runs the world, but even beyonce struggles with baby weight. an exclusive interview about how she got back into shape. and wanting to be crazy in love
6:59 am
was her inspiration. not a bad way to start the week, with a little beyonce, "crazy in love." george is off today. a little spring break for mr. stephanopoulos. >> deservedly so. we have the latest on a shocking plane crash. a private jet crashing into a neighborhood in indiana. we'll look at what caused it. also, the latest in the breakup murder trial. the startling video. jodi arias' bizarre behavior. actually doing a headstand just after she was arrested. lots to get to again. but first, sam, a question we have been now asking for far too long. wednesday's coming. where is spring? >> well, that's the official start of spring.

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